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business overview

●Business summary
・Consulting about pharmaceutical business development, license, alliance, etc. (for Japanese and also foreign companies)
・Introduction of foreign companies’ products/projects to Japanese companies and business agent service for foreign companies.
・Introduction of Japanese companies’ products/projects to foreign companies and business agent service for Japanese companies.
・Having seminars/workshops/lectures about pharmaceutical business development, license, alliance and business agent service for event organizers

●Characteristics of OIS
・From three kinds of BD & Licensing experiences, which are Japanese, Multi-national, Venture types, various kinds of business cases can be covered by OIS consulting.
・Covering stages are scouting licensing opportunities, negotiation, deal term, Due diligence, contractual discussion, etc.
・Almost all Japanese Licensing people are acquaintances from long business experiences in Japan. So, for Licensing / Alliance business purposes, OIS can easily contact appropriate persons in Japanese Pharmaceuticals.


Mr. IkuSugioka
President, OIS PharmaPartnerLLC
1-11-13, Kamiishikiricho, HigashiOsaka, Osaka, Japan, 579-8012
Tel. +81-(0)72-986-5435
E-mail; i.sugigk@oispharmapartner.com
Homepage; http://www.oispharmapartner.com


・1981-1998 Commercial dept. of Yoshitomi Pharmaceutical Indutries(Present Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation)
・1998-2004 Licensing dept. of Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation
・2004-2014 Licensing dept. of AstraZeneca KK
・2014-2016 Business Development dept. of RaqualiaPharma Corporation
・2016.03 Initiation of OIS PharmaPartnerLLC


・2015 KPLA(Kansai Pharmaceutical Licensing Association) officer
・Many lectures about License, Alliance & Business Development

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